We want to help you build your dream home.

One of the first things we ask our customers is where they heard about us. We believe that starting a builder / customer relationship should have an excellent story to go along with it; whether it be from a friend, the internet, a trade show, or just driving by our facility, we are always interested to hear the reason behind taking the time to build with Canada Builds.

We base the customers experience in 3 different stages:

1. Design
2. Discovery
3. Construction

The design phase is based around questions – What size of home / cottage are you looking for? What is your budget? Where is your property? What exactly can you build? At the early stages of this process, it is important to first find out all there is to know about the customer’s property. To avoid delays or complications, we have a team that specializes in the land aspect of the build, formally investigate the property to ensure there are no roadblocks that could potentially delay the delivery of the home. From there, we proceed to the Discovery phase; this phase begins once we have a template to work from with the customer, being a design of their future dwelling. We complete tasks such as interior / exterior finishes, home features, and any extras they wish to include. From this stage, once the customer has an agreement with Canada Builds, we can then execute the construction of the home and start the formal building process. During this time, the customer can visit our facility to see the progress of their new home along they way. We feel that having the ability to view their home at every stage of the building process is an integral part of the customer / builder relationship.

During the construction process of the build, the home will be constructed, prepped, shipped and craned onto the customers’ foundation on their property. After a short period of time on site to conclude the finish work, the customer can then move into their new Canada Builds dwelling, and enjoy – knowing that their home or cottage was built with care, knowledge and precision. 

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